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her sunset - T H R E E by golucky her sunset - T H R E E :icongolucky:golucky 0 7 her sunset - T W O by golucky her sunset - T W O :icongolucky:golucky 0 3 bordering on fragility by golucky bordering on fragility :icongolucky:golucky 0 4
dreams are made winding down
i feel so good...walking behind you...
i feel even better walking beside you...feeling your warmth invade my senses on such a cold, windy day...
and the way you smile plays with my mind, and i feel like i should just give up here and now, because how is it even
possible that someone like you would even LOOK in someone like me's direction...
but since you've seen the way i strut around,
the way my lips curve...
would you like to take a picture? i would pose for you...i would pose WITH you...
so my eyes avert yours for the truth i might find there.. might shatter me like bitter glass,i'd break;
but maybe now it's different...maybe now things will change...
if words could reach out and touch you, would you feel them?
If I could make you feel the emotions, would you run in the opposite direction?
When you turn away, I want to grab your shoulder and push you around…face me, look me in the eye…
I just want some truth in my life, and I know you can give me that much.
It's like…my sentences a
:icongolucky:golucky 2 10
sing us a song please by golucky sing us a song please :icongolucky:golucky 0 4 see no evil by golucky see no evil :icongolucky:golucky 3 14 fire cannot escape can it by golucky fire cannot escape can it :icongolucky:golucky 2 7 these are not attainable by golucky these are not attainable :icongolucky:golucky 1 17
hes in the house
Painted looks from across the staircase,
my lover is in the house.
Kisses screaming, searching desperately for my face.
my lover is in the house.
Drafted farmiliar scents waift past my nose, and my knees tingle.
my lover is in the house.
The lights are dim.
my lover is in the house.
Rose petals carve the floor.
my lover is in the house.
I heard footsteps approaching.
my lover is in the house.
His laugh crawled...trailed up and down my spine as if he'd touched me; it made me shiver.
my lover is in the house.
I could taste the truth in his words, or rather, what he convinced himself the truth was. He had
enough time to convince himself of what he wanted the truth to be, he was sure, but wanting
it to be true so badly it hurt, didn't make it so.
He left his lover, and ended up here.
This house is that of sin, dread, and brutal love.
This is the house I wanted to be in all my life; I fell to my knees, and worshipped the ground
where it stood. But now, all too soon, I see my mistakes and ju
:icongolucky:golucky 1 11
things will never be the same by golucky things will never be the same :icongolucky:golucky 1 10
Contemplating every subtle move,
body slowly moving
up and down[to the rhythm]
against the cold surface
of the wall…
the heat from the candles
burns me,
sends my thoughts racing.
Methodical melody repeats
in my mind, distorting the colours,
spirals on endless twists;
I close my eyes with a heavy sigh,
sensual music transforms me.
I am someone besides who
I face the world with;
I come so close…
I'm wearing a different guise now.
Raw emotions are rising from purgatory
and desperately trying to flee.
Blatant movements suggest a wink
is not just a wink,
but something so much more.
A kiss isn't just
an ordinary task now,
it's a stimulus.
So move your hands down,
and trace the contours of what you feel…
along the naked skin…
neck..nape..shoulder..collar bone..
Marking each move with your crimson lips,
while I contemplate your next subtle move.
:icongolucky:golucky 2 12
So this paper is my mission,
and I pick up this pencil
to jot down all the words
I cannot understand, which are devoid
of reason and doubt..
somehow my minds picks up
those hidden transmissions…
so I see those eyes of yours
are wandering all over me…
is it the way I cross my legs?
Or maybe the way my shirt puckers just so…
Or maybe it's just me..
this ring on my finger is so heavy,
it weighs me down…
so, I slip it off, and watch it fall…
an entire aura of certainty encircles you.
Yet it brings me down;
I'm insecure and
afraid to know the truth that lies
behind those veils…
everyday is forthcoming repetition;
that vicious cycle tearing me down,
down closer to the ground,
if only I could hear you
utter my name below your breath
once more,
a smile might lie upon these lips
and never resist to fade…
I just wanted to say a simple
'happy birthday'
but even that was too difficult a task
because when I see you watching,
I lose my vision,
and when you have your back to me,
:icongolucky:golucky 5 12
isnt that ironic by golucky isnt that ironic :icongolucky:golucky 1 15 the epitome of a moment by golucky the epitome of a moment :icongolucky:golucky 0 5 fred astaire told me to turn by golucky fred astaire told me to turn :icongolucky:golucky 1 9 well i just dont know by golucky well i just dont know :icongolucky:golucky 0 18


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lucky *


no, seriously.
i've had just about enough of this place.

i submitted my first piece of 'art' in about 3 months, and they reject it solely on the fact that it was not in the right catagory?! what is WRONG with you people.
i put it under photography,because that is so blatantly what it is. i would know, i TOOK THE GODDAMN picture myself!!!
how they can take it off, and mark it as a violation because of the ''wrongful catagory' is beyond my comprehension.
needless to say though, i have been here for way too long.
i am in the process of cleaning up [read as; DELETING EVERYTHING. ALL MUST GO!] not simply because they pissed me off for the upteenth time, but also because i rarely, if all ever update anymore..

so to any, and all who used to/still are dev. watching me, i apologize. i will not be making any more works or art, nor shall i be frequenting this page any longer.
if you still want to remain in contact.. my email is here, & i update a site practically daily;

adios all, & have fun while it lasts.


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